Golf is a game played worldwide by professionals and is enjoyed by millions of fans. Golf is considered a very easy sport to play mainly because the goal of the game is to throw a ball into a hole. This can just be achieved by Wrapping your hands around the club while keeping your back straight, then swing and pull. However, it is not as easy as it seems and not everyone can play golf. 

 It requires a lot of practice, focus dedication and knowledge of a few basic few tips

Always have a proper grip of the club. When holding the club, it should face the direction of your target. You will need to hold the club using your strongest hand, and your thumb should face downwards. The thumb is secured by the other hand to keep it safe.  This will give you great control of the club and will enable you to achieve an excellent swing. Hold the club lightly to prevent it from twisting which will make it face the opposite direction to your aim. Also, remember to keep your hands low.

 This is crucial to aid in keeping the ball flat on the ground.

One of the important aspects in golfing is the golf swing. Golf swing influences both the direction and the distance the ball travels due to the collision. The rotation of the swing will determine the direction the ball will go in. The swing should be natural and not very hard to avoid getting your muscles tensed. Click For more information here!

  Similarly, it is important to note that the golf swing should be created around the design of the club so that it will land on the ground while pointing your target.

Another important tip to remember is to put your head high and focus on the ball during the entire swing. A downward head position will result to body imbalance and poor posture since your weight will lie too much on one side. The weight needs to be evenly distributed in all directions to avoid falling over during the swing.

  A lot of people find it very hard to maintain balance while keeping their head high but with a lot of practice, you can achieve this right.


A common challenge that most golfers experience is playing golf in different environments. You need to keep practicing in different areas especially rough and sandy areas to improve your skills. Remember, practice makes perfect. Detailed info here